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Supplier Queries

What is the UPH?

Answer: To date, 20 Australian universities are collaborating with the goal of looking for new and creative ways to procure the goods and services that universities need now and in the future.  This website provides more detail.

How does the UPH work?

Answer: The UPH is based on Heads of Agreement signed between the universities participating in the UPH. The UPH is governed by a 3-tier structure comprising of an Executive Board (participation from all 20 universities), Program Committee (select participants across universities comprising of senior finance and procurement professionals), and Category Councils (groups of category-specific councils that oversee the end-to-end source-to-contract process, supported by Accenture as the UPH service provider). Resultant contracts are executed between the successful suppliers and each university based on the framework agreements implemented by the UPH service provider.

Which universities are involved?

Answer: A list of the current participating universities is available on this site.

Who makes the decision on the final selection of suppliers?

Answer: The sourcing process  make decisions on award for a category based on the agreed objectives using a structured process run by the Category Councils and approved by the Program Committee.

How does this affect my business?

Answer: There will be opportunities to participate through category strategy sourcing processes.   

What are the timelines?

Answer: The UPH formally commenced in April 2016 with plans to source 65 categories of goods and services over the first 3 years as part of four waves of sourcing activity.  It is envisaged that each category will involve a 6 - 9 month sourcing process.

How can I be included?

Answer: Suppliers with current strategic relationships or specifically negotiated contracts with any of the participating Universities will be contacted by their University.  
Register your interest on this website or contact the procurement specialist or contract manager at the university/ies that you currently work with for further information.

How is my information and data protected?

Answer: Accenture has Non-Disclosure Agreements signed with all universities, in which information and data gained from UPH can’t be used outside of the Hub. Additionally, any information and data relating to a specific university is never shared to other universities. The information shared to universities is at a high, aggregated level.